Knowledge of the formula of a chemical allows in less than an hour to establish exactly when the same if absorbed through the respiratory system and the food is harmful to a person's cells. Consulting biology books and documenting on the internet you can know what are the elements that make up a person's body. At this point it is useful to know that the atomic number of an element coincides with the number of protons in the nucleus of its atom and, if it is electrically neutral, has not ions and the atomic number is also equal to the number of electrons of the atom itself . These last although of dimensions infime have a mass and quickly rotating around the nucleus assume an energy E = mc ². A physical property indicates that, when an electron moves in a conductor generates a magnetic field, this condition must be considered valid even when the electron rotates around the atom to which they belong, thus, the energy that originates in this movement is magnetic and unit of time is a force. Considering what is written on the periodic table of the elements Mendeleev, what in the human body has the atomic number lower is the hydrogen that we represent with 1H; with oxygen 8O form the water molecule H2O, whose atomic number is 10. Overall Given by 1H + 1H + 8O, the water is present in the human body in the amount of 70%. This indicates that it is present in many cells, but also indicates that its magnetic field is of value because it is due to only 10 electrons moving around the nucleus of the atoms that form its molecule, and it is such as not to interfere with the chains Molecular present in the cell in which it resides. The water molecule becomes very harmful for example if mixed to it is in the form of chromium tetra or hexavalent (in their molecular chain) which, by its chemical formula, has a magnetic field given by the sum of the atomic numbers of the elements that form its molecular chain and therefore add up to all electromagnetic fields of water present in the cell. Obviously the molecules of tetra or hexavalent chromium in time penetrate in an increasingly greater in the cells of the human body, for which reason eventually breaking a number of molecular chains and riformandole incorrectly you can originate phenomena of the tumor, this has happened in Spinetta Marengo (AL) for the pollution of groundwater by industry in the area. Continuing in the reasoning on the atomic numbers of the elements forming the human body, the one with the higher value is iodine 53I, so that its magnetic field is high; it is present only in trace amounts in the cells in which it is leased. If over time other chemicals are absorbed and their molecular chains with a high atomic number, hence a high magnetic field, penetrate some cells where iodine is leased the two magnetic fields are added and their action against the molecular chains with which interact is higher because they are outnumbered those that procure effects which become evident in the long run. We can then verify that the higher the atomic number of an element, the lower its presence percentage in forming the human body and vice versa. Moreover, not all elements of the table, the atomic numbers of between 1 and 53 form the human body, so such an absence should be considered final, and therefore a chemical product with one of these components need not be conducted because pest. So all chemicals whose sum total of the atomic numbers of the elements that form its molecular chain is more than 53 are harmful.
The GMOs should be evaluated according to the criteria and reasoning made because if in the molecular chain that characterizes them and which is able to cause with its high magnetic field the death of pests infesting the cultivation, the same way as they are harmful to people that if feed on them but with the adverse effects which may be encountered in a long period because of the greater number of cells.
Same reasoning should be made for those products used in agriculture, such as pesticides and fungicides. They, when ingested by pests, causing death by breaking their molecular chains due to their high magnetic field and if ingested with food or become harmful if inhaled by people in a longer time. And 'better for all to have more and more organic farming.


Because of the involved subject, it is necessary to signal that ALL is attributable to an electromagnetic field,  confirming the four scientific thesis, which, once related, determine its harmfulness:

1)     The SUSCEPTIVE property of ferromagnetic materials exists.

2)     Every body in movement (even if it is an atom) has its own Energy given by Albert Einstein’s formula E=mc²

3)     Every time an electron moves, when it revolves round its own atom nucleus, in a space or through a conductor, it produces an even slight Magnetic Field: Some authors, such  as Olivieri and Ravelli who wrote Elettrotecnica Generale (1951),  assert that the negative electric charge of the electron has its own little magnetic charge and then it creates a little Magnetic Field.

4)     Inside the cells forming the body of every living being, belonging to the animal or the plant kingdom, there is a big, but indefinite, amount of molecular chains ( Genes, Enzymes, Proteins, etc…), each one with a specific function in the control of the biological life of a cell; their breakings (caused by the environmental Magnetic Field) increase progressively with time and it causes a mild but equally progressive biological decay of the cell itself.  With the passing of time, should it happen in the same way in many cells, the person ageing would occur and inexplicable diseases (such as Cancer, Leukemia, Dystrophy, etc…) would originate in the body of the living being.

It is simple, all things considered, to establish if a single element present in nature will be harmful, with the passing of time, to the human body. It is necessary to make some considerations using Mendeleev’s periodic Table of the elements, knowing which ones belong to the human body, taking in correct consideration, if necessary, both the Susceptive property of ferromagnetic material and the formula elaborated by Einstein.

Elements present in the human body:

Hydrogen and Oxygen (that together they make water), Lithium, Boron, Carbon, Nitrogen, Fluorine, Sodium, Magnesium, Aluminum, Phosphorus, Sulphur, Chlorine, Potassium, Calcium, Vanadium, Chrome, Manganese, Iron, Cobalt, Nickel, Copper, Zinc, Selenium, Molybdenum, Cadmium, Tin and Iodine. Some elements, as Hydrogen and Oxygen, making water, and Carbon, are present in the human body in notable quantity; other elements are present in slight quantity or only in traces. The element with the highest atomic number is  Iodine 53. For wider and more detailed information, you can use a metasearch engine, as, keying in: Chemical substances that compose the human body.

The whole operation can last some minutes. At this point it is possible to make some considerations on the elements that are not present in the human body and that can be introduced in the human body by means of various products. The exact reaction of the various apparatuses following the assimilation of chemical elements foreign to the human body and with a high atomic number is still being studied by the Science. However much the stomach proceeds to the partial or total “demolition” of the taken product, in accordance with the Physical principle that states “nothing is lost, nothing is created, all is transformed”, the elements unnecessary  to the correct biological working of the cells will remain inside the body for an undetermined period of time, surely producing harmful effects on the whole.   

If a Lead atom is assimilated by a human being, through the food or the respiratory system, it will influence its atoms, with the Electromagnetic Field of its 82 electrons, in accordance with the principle of the Susceptive property, producing a harmful action that, with time, will bring to the casual breakup of an undetermined number of molecular chains (Genes, Enzymes, Proteins etc.) and to the following biological decay of the affected cells.
In the same way, the harmfulness of these chemical elements affects the animals that come into contact with the products in which they are contained. So also the animals destined to the human feeding or any other food containing elements not present in the fundamental composition of the human body if assimilated, they could be harmful, with time. Therefore to pollute the ground or the sea is not without unpredictable consequences that can develop in illnesses, at times also serious or potentially deadly and that can involve whoever, independently from social class, economic condition, political ideology, religion, color of the skin etc.. Obviously the molecules making the consumer goods can unintentionally be inhaled if they are not characterized by an odor, or if they don't have evident consequences as the sneezes. The environment conditions have an important role, as the proximity to a place of production that has “chemical residues that can be easily inhaled” or to an open air rubbish dump that poisoned the air with stenches, whose chemical composition is unknown. The air that we breathe circulates and is not confined in a delimited area. The political reassurances on the harmlessness of some chemical elements under a certain threshold,  however supported  by political and not scientific experts, they result useless and deeply or surely unreliable. 

The same reasoning has to be done for the alimentary assimilation of chemical elements. The food products we ingest contain preservatives, colorings, sugar substitutes, artificial flavourings and sometimes their formula is not present on the labels, preventing so the consumer from deciding wisely whether to use or not that product. All these things happen in the name of globalization that places economic and political affairs before people’s health; all these things happen because Intelligence is completely absent in the decision of  what has to be indicated on the labels. The consequences of the ingestion of synthesis fertilizers, through the vegetables or the animals that in their turn fed on them, are a true rebus, that, however, could explain the increase of tumors affecting digestive apparatus. I don't think a cancer depends exclusively on misfortune, on the will of a Superior Being or on the Laws of a Nation. Science and the susceptive property could give an explanation, because everything that happens in the universe follows the laws of the Physics.

The stomach and the bowel break the food molecular chains in basic elements and, if in the obtained bits, the remained chemical elements have a high atomic number , or one that is bigger than the Iodine’s one (53), present, in fact, only in traces in the human organism, their Electromagnetic fields could, on their way through the digestive apparatus,  interfere (as the susceptive property of ferromagnetic materials states) with one or more of  the molecular chains (Genes, Enzymes, Proteins etc.) present inside the cells, casually breaking them and giving so rise to a slight decay of the biological working of the cells.


Or, the chemical element at issue could casually connect, inside the cell in which is penetrated, with one “molecular chain” there existing; also in this case an anomalous and unpredictable biological decay of the affected cell would be provoked. If the phenomenon should happen again in a similar way in a lot of other cells of the same organ or different organs, with time, inexplicable and unpredictable illnesses, as for instance the tumor, could originate.


The acronym GMO means Genetically Modified Organism.

Usually this change happens in the seed of a cereal and can be done in different ways:
a) The gene, obtained naturally from a plant which has the desired characteristics, is grafted in the seed that you want to modify, so, in case of success, the genetic change is natural and strengthens the plant. For instance, transplanting the Gene of a plant or a fish that withstands low temperatures in a strawberry, the cultivation of the same one will be facilitated by the fact that it will withstand better more rigid climates.

b) It is possible that they graft an artificial gene that fights the action of virus, bacteria and small animals harmful to the plant.

1) the use of GMOs in agriculture doesn't exclude the use of fungicide and pesticides,
but it reduces only their use.

2) GMOs in agriculture don't exclude the use of aggressive chemical products.
3) if an artificial chemical Gene makes the GMO harmful to the plant parasites, which is formed by few cells, it will be harmful also to the cells of a human body, and in an adult they are 100mila billion. Considering almost similar  the number of molecular chains inside the human cells and those of the parasite, the harmful effects on the person will equally occur, only in smaller quantity and more delayed in the time.

4) The multinationals that produce GMO maintain that the graft in the DNA of a plant seed
with a gene of synthesis in laboratory, only accelerate what happens in nature in accordance with Darwin’s evolution!!?? ( see the website

But in the natural state, Darwin’s evolution uses molecular chains which already exist, and therefore natural, that casually combine in the seed: then they will obtain the natural GMO more slowly and in a more biologically bearable way for the living beings. Besides, if the GMO obtained with the addition of an artificial molecular chain is harmful to the parasite, it will be also harmful to the human being or to the animal that will feed of it.

In his presentation to the book “ELETTROSMOG, un’emergenza creata ad arte” written by Prof. Franco Battaglia (at the epoch when he wrote this book, he taught Physical Chemistry at the university of Roma Tre), Prof. Umberto Veronesi reported that the International Agency for the researches on Cancer (IARC) has taken a census, after years and years of work, 78 carcinogenic causes and effects: included tobacco smoke, certain plants mold (alphatoxins), asbestos, benzene, radon, solar radiations, estrogens, various viruses, wood dusts, vinyl chloride. A proof – also a slight one – is enough because an agent is defined carcinogenic for the human beings. The IARC also catalogs 63 other factors of probable, but not ascertained cancerousness. Among them the electromagnetic waves are not included; it is proved  by the research about radiologic protection carried out by Richard Doll on the behalf of the British Authority.  Are Dr. Richard Doll and the IARC well informed that when an EMF penetrates a body it sets in orientation to its frequency All the atoms of that body, and that Einstein elaborated the formula  E = m x c2 and therefore it is probable (or rather sure) that inside the cells of the living beings there will be breakups and casual recombinations of the molecular chains, a fact that can give origin, with time, to the most unpredictable and incurable illnesses as the tumor? 

It is useful to consider that everything that happens in the universe, included the cancerousness, it is due to the laws of the Physics. On this subject, I suggest the reading of the first 2 points in my website

The first study about the chemical elements can be dated back to the ancient Romans, however much the periodic Table was elaborate by Mendeleev 2000 years later. They realized that covering a person with gold dust, this one would have died in a short lapse of time and that breathing lead vapors gave rise to a form of poisoning, called Lead poisoning. Acting with intelligence, the ancient Romans took note of it, trying to avoid the recur of the situation, although they didn't know the scientific causes of it.

Analyzing the periodic Table, the number of protons and electrons of every element can be found out (the number of the electrons varies only in the case of the ions). In the case of  gold (chemical symbol Au), the atomic number is 79, and so the Magnetic Field emitted by every single atom is quite high. Lead, whose atomic number is 82, will have a bigger Electromagnetic Field than gold’s one. In any case, they are both harmful.

In accordance with the Susceptive property and Einstein’s formula, the Electromagnetic Fields of Gold and Lead broke the molecular chains inside the cells of the human body or those of the skin, in the case of gold coverage, bringing to death such a number of stem cells of the skin to cause the person’s death. (The individual’s death also happens when, in case of third-degree burns, they are particularly wide.) In Lead poisoning, instead, the breathed lead fumes come into contact with bellows cells and, consequently, they are damaged in their molecular chains by the Lead’s Magnetic Field; if the percentage of dead cells is higher than the vital one, the organ and the individual will die.

Mercury (symbol Hg, atomic number 80) has a very low “superficial tension”. Consequently, it evaporates easily and if its fumes are breathed, they damage the bellows (their cells), as, after all, it happens in the case of Lead. If, instead, its atoms become part of the food chain and they are assimilated, the remarkable Magnetic Field originated by their electrons damages both the cells of the digestive apparatus and, probably, those of the Immune System. In fact, in the Fifties of the last century, in Japan, a company discharged wastes containing Mercury into the sea.

The Mercury ingested by the fishes became part of the food chain and all those people who fed on them, they contracted an illness that jeopardized their walking and that was called “Minamata disease”, from the name of the place in which the wastes were discharged into the sea. In 1985, in Bhopal (India), an American chemical company (the Union Carbide) manufacturing pesticides endured the worst chemical disaster known until nowadays, caused by the escape from a valve of a gaseous mixture, with consequent physical damages to the population. For further information on the fact, I recommend to read the entry “Bhopal” on the encyclopedia Wikipedia.

I only indicate that there were quite a lot thousand of deaths, that still continue to our days, and in addition, cases of total blindness occurred, damages to the cornea, respiratory difficulty, casual and recurrent fevers, weakness, bodily deformations, stature inferior than the average etc.. In the populations settled in neighboring areas, the presence of Lead and Mercury was reported. For how many years their harmful action will continue is not given to know, but certainly until when in the environment there will be traces of the wasted pesticides. Probably, the pesticide will also have a harmful effect on whom uses it in agriculture.

Also in this case, you have the confirmation, a terrible one, unfortunately, of the fact that a chemical mixture, whose molecular chain presents sections with component of high atomic number, it is harmful if it comes into contact with the external part (the skin) or if it is inhaled. It is necessary to notice, also, that up to when the molecular chain of the harmful chemical product will persist in the environment (air or ground), and it can be assimilated, it will carry out  its harmful action towards the living being.

To further support, I can quote the Chromite (Cr2O3) and Chromate (CrO3) considered highly carcinogenic. Adding the atomic numbers of the elements that form them, you have  respectively 72 and 48 as atomic number and high electromagnetic fields. They are the waste of the electrolysis made for the chromium plating of metallic objects and, entering the food circuit dissolved in the water, they are easily assimilated by the human body and they damage the molecular chains inside the cells and the HLAs of the Immune System  (you can visit

In order to guarantee a regular biological life, also the atomic number of the materials that form the environment has to be low. The elements that belong to the periodic Table are for the greatest part present in the natural state, only that their presence is in many cases dispersed and not assembled! In order to have these elements, also the harmful ones, mankind has to mine them and to industrially concentrate them. The chemical industry creates then some products that make the life easier on one side to the ones who use them, but that, on the other side, poison the air damaging the health of the same consumers. 

Also in this case we need some reasoning.

1)           Some elements of the table have been worked out in theoretical way.

2)           Greater it is the atomic number and smaller it is their presence in the natural state.

3)           The chemical mixtures are very rare in the natural state; an exception is the Sodium Chloride. Another chemical mixture considerably present in nature it is the Oceans water (where the Sodium Chloride is dissolved in 13% percentage). The ridiculous sum of the atomic numbers of the water (Hydrogen and Oxygen, neglecting the various Salts there present) allows the life of the fishes, of the corals, of the seaweeds etc..

The chemical mixtures produced by mankind contain only the elements of the periodic table, but their presence is not studied in accordance with the sum of their atomic numbers and the possible harmfulness to the living beings, when this one is too high. If the natural products are hardly harmful to humanity, the same cannot be said of the artificial ones. In fact, part of the products of synthesis spreads through the air at variable distance, falling to the ground, sometimes also far away from the point of origin. In any case, coming into contact with the people’s skin (particularly, the eyes), becoming part of the food chain, or being inhaled, they can carry out a harmful action if the atomic number of the sum of the elements that form some parts of their molecular chain would be particularly high. This happens even if the single element inserted in the molecular chain has a high atomic number (that is its Magnetic Field of his of high value). Actually, tumors are continuously and progressively increasing in the population! It is worrying that the ARPA (in Italy = Regional Agency for the environment), in its surveys on the data of environmental pollution, thinks that the parameters  are in prevalence normal, without taking the susceptive property, Einstein’s formula and the Periodic Table into account. As if the cells were able not to get sick if the quantity of harmful chemical element that affects them is inferior than the level the political Law considers as tolerable.


Both the natural scents as the artificial odors, they are Molecular Chains. You can notice that the first ones, in the greatest part of cases, have a persistence and a range limited, as for instance the perfume of a flower. On the contrary, the artificial odor that is casually produced in a rubbish dump has persistence and range remarkable. The artificial odor  expresses its harmfulness also far away from the place where it has been produced, also in accordance with the wind intensity. Harmfulness that also continues when the odor is not more perceivable because of the rarefaction of its molecules in the air. If you consider the epidemiological researches carried out on the people that live near to rubbish dumps you can notice that often the tumors are more present than average. Should the Periodic Table, the susceptive property of ferromagnetic materials and Einstein’s formula E = m x c2 be more considered?     


Mogno Gian Pietro


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