The electromagnetic field is a physical entity and its functional efficiency is controlled by the SUSCEPTIVE property of ferromagnetic materials or MAGNETIC SUSCEPTIBILITY.

The following four propositions explain why and where the biological damage to every living being on Earth appears.


1)     The SUSCEPTIVE property of ferromagnetic materials exists.

2)     Albert Einstein developed E= mc². If the energy acquired from magnetic sensitive atoms, taking  part in the creation of molecular chains inside cells and moved by the Susceptive property at the same frequency of the Magnetic Field (Radioactivity), is above the cohesion strength among the atoms, the chain they form could break. This cause a slight biological cellular decay and in the end, if it happens again, it can cause also the biological death of the cell itself.

3)     Every time an electron moves, when it revolves round its own atom nucleus, in a space or through a conductor, it produces an even slight Magnetic Field: Some authors, such  as Olivieri and Ravelli who wrote Elettrotecnica Generale (1951),  assert that the negative electric charge of the electron has its own little magnetic charge and then it creates a little Magnetic Field.

4)     Inside the cells forming the body of every living being, belonging to the animal or the plant kingdom, there is a big, but indefinite, amount of molecular chains ( Genes, Enzymes, Proteins, etc…), each one with a specific function in the control of the biological life of a cell; their breakings (caused by the environmental Magnetic Field) increase progressively with time and it causes a mild but  equally progressive biological decay of the cell itself.  With the passing of time, should it happen in the same way in many cells, the person ageing would occur and inexplicable diseases (such as Cancer, Leukemia, Dystrophy, etc…) would originate in the body of the living being.


I enclose the list of websites, made by myself, about the issue of environmental EMFs and relating subjects.


1) : It explains the mechanism that makes the artificial environmental Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)  harmful if absorbed by the human body or by the one  of an animal or a plant. It is the last developed web site (October 2011), however, it is the best scientifically structured. The others are placed in chronological order and  the last two are about  uranium, and  their  content is scientifically correct.

2) : It explains in more details (80 pages), how the harmful action of environmental EMFs appears in the human beings, in the animals and plants. The paragraph “How to screen your bed”  clarifies how , for the sum of 600-800 € (including the purchase of an all-wood-made bed and a no-spring mattress) it is possible to proceed in that direction. It is a charge amply rewarded by the beneficial effects on the person health. There is a negligible additional cost due to the purchase of material that allows you to stop or limit the Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) picked up off the floor where the bed is (not the signals in average, high and very high frequency that are on the airwaves). In the paragraph  "Leukemia", it is possible to find out the origin and cause of this disease and how, in a period of 5/6 months, you can heal it, without the use of specific medicines (but I don’t want to advise or incite someone to give up the official prescribed medicines. I am not a doctor). This is the first developed website (2003), so explanations (accurate but a little tortuous) are not as much scientifically precise as in the last websites.

3) It explains how the disease is prevalent among older people. There is an increase in this disease  incidence and a decrease in the average age in which its first symptoms appear. It is a worry that both the official medicine and the scientific research have not yet understood what is this disease main cause and have not yet discovered an effective therapy.

4) : It explains that the evolution of species reported by Darwin depended  on the Earth Magnetic Field. This happens because every atom has its electrons, which, revolving around their nucleus, create a Magnetic Field. So it is correct to say  that every atom (see point 4, yellow highlighted in the website has its own magnetic axis, that every atom magnetic field interacts with the one of the others atoms and it is by them influenced (the greatest possible distance has not been discovered yet). The total vector sum of all atoms Magnetic Fields creates the natural Earth Magnetic Field. The situation changed with the advent of artificial EMFs (due to G. Marconi’s discovery of radio signals) and of those originated in low frequency ( 50Hz) by electric cables, which are due to the circulation of electricity through them. They are absorbed by the soil (so, its "humus" becomes biologically sterile) and by every living being that stands over there. These artificial magnetic fields, added to those emitted by antennas (in function of the frequency, that is to say  taking the “harmonics” which make them into account), alter the value of the natural environmental  magnetic field.

5) : It explains how climate variations depend also ( and especially) on the  environmental EMFs, which are emitted by antennas in average, high and very high frequency or the ones in low frequency (these are not eliminable) emitted by high electricity cables. Besides, there are those emitted by the several satellites in the Earth orbit , and these are very high frequency electrical signals, whatever their use is (military communications, telecommunications, TV, etc..).

RAI3 news of the evening, 1st October, 2011, reported that the year 2011 had been the warmest year in the last 150 years, with serious repercussions on agriculture, on Alpine glaciers, which have lost a few meters of thickness, etc.. . It should be said that, in recent times, the use of such devices as  Tablet and I-Phone has become in common use and they need and use a significant amount of electrical signals (or environmental EMFs emitted by antennas). And what if are these ones the origin of the phenomenon? In fact, the famous “bombe d’acqua” (water bombs) that vent their power on the coasts (Liguria, Tuscany, Latium, Campania), islands (Sardinia, Sicily), lakes and their vicinity ( Lombardy, Venetia) are caused by the fact that the Electromagnetic signals, produced by TV and Telecommunications antennas, hit water molecules and alter their direction, bringing about a slight increase in temperatures and a consequent greater evaporation. When the cool air hit these very damp areas, the vapor quickly condense, causing sudden driving rain and a great amount of damages.

6) : It explains, in short (4 pages), the origin and cause of the  unpredictable climatic "catastrophes" that damage the whole mankind on Earth.

7) : It explains that it is not smart to maintain that the environmental EMFs are not harmful to people’s bodies and to their molecular chains located inside the cells. Magnetic Fields are Physical entities and their functional efficiency does not depend on scientists’ personal opinion, but on the susceptive property of ferromagnetic materials, which is acknowledged by all the Physics and Electrical Technology textbooks  chosen all around the world. It is wrong and incomplete, in analyzing the action of the environmental EMFs, not to quote the susceptive property of ferromagnetic materials (also called Magnetic SUSCEPTIBILITY) by association with Einstein’s formula E = mc². It has to be taken in consideration also in Court,  when there is a case that concerns damages due to overabundance of EMFs.  It is right to wonder if Judges and States Prosecutors know that in ALL the cases about environmental EMFs in which the Magnetic SUSCEPTIBILITY and Einstein’s formula were not mentioned, the consulted "Expert" is guilty of PERJURY and FRAUD, if he has requested a payment for his (WRONG) consultancy. It would be right, for all the people who are responsible for what has happened and still happens in Courts, not to carry on with this (WRONG) attitude.  Unfortunately, according to the Italian law I have not the necessary credentials to be considered reliable, but I’ve decided to live with the strength of REASON and not with the reason of STRENGHT, and I feel responsible for what I know.

8) It explains which are the chemical and environmental conditions that make possible and allow the biological life on the planet. In a second part, it is explained why artificially produced GMOs may be harmful if assimilated by living beings. It is then explained why mains and underground pipes that carry water, gas or other substances to households and industries, inexplicably, have holes.

9) : It explains the justification behind the military utilization of depleted uranium, what is the origin of Radioactivity, why, scientifically speaking, electrons revolve round their own nucleus atom, when and why, following to a specific use (in military, feed, etc… field), an element belonging to Mendeleev’s Periodic Table can generate unpredictable diseases.

10)  It explains what Uranium Radioactivity is and on what it  depends, the real reason why the environment surrounding a nuclear power plant in time becomes progressively more radioactive and harmful to the people who live there.

When the authorized personnel is seen , dressed in the regulation white overalls, quietly passing  by tanks containing radioactive materials or working in an area with such characteristics, it should be noted that the white overalls are only able to prevent that any radioactive uranium atoms, present in the environment, could settle on the personnel’s clothes. But they can’t reject and cancel the harmful action of Radioactivity ( which is an environmental EMF of very high frequency) towards the molecular chains within the cells that form this personnel’s bodies. Damages from radioactivity and from the breaking of molecular chains within the cells will be highlighted only when it will be too late. White overalls are  only useful  to those who produce them but they do not protect their users from the harmful action of Radioactivity!

All these 10 websites have been written keeping in mind four bases:

1)     Electro Magnetic Fields are physical entities and the Susceptive property of ferromagnetic materials exists.

2)     Albert Einstein developed the formula E= mc².

3)     The movement of electrons produces a Magnetic Field.

4)     The breaking, following to the action of EMF, of molecular chains within the cells causes the onset of diseases.

I don’t want that People Responsible, on every level, waste their time, my aim is to inform about people’s health problems, about Earth climate, about environmental pollution. If anyone thinks that the above-mentioned bases are not scientifically proved and valid, he could avoid to look up my websites. To anyone else, please read all ten of them.