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While reading the undermentioned 4 points, you must keep in mind that Electromagnetic Fields are Physical Entity and that these fundamental 4 points are quoted on the scientific books of Physics, Electrotechnology and Biology used in the Schools or in the Universities of the whole Planet. A student of these faculties, at the age of 20, has already received, in a full way, ALL regarded information. It is not clear to me, so, why the appropriate authority, considering and connecting these 4 points, has not drawn yet the conclusion that they are HARMFUL to human body and that they give rise to many phenomena still inexplicable to the Science.

1)     The SUSCEPTIVE property of ferromagnetic materials exists.

2)     Albert Einstein developed E= mc˛. If the energy acquired from magnetic sensitive atoms, taking  part in the creation of molecular chains inside cells and moved by the Susceptive property at the same frequency of the Magnetic Field (Radioactivity), is above the cohesion strength among the atoms, the chain they form could break. This cause a slight biological cellular decay and in the end, if it happens again, it can also cause the biological death of the cell itself.

3)     Every time an electron moves, when it revolves round its own atom nucleus, in a space or through a conductor, it produces an even slight Magnetic Field: Some authors, such  as Olivieri and Ravelli who wrote Elettrotecnica Generale (1951),  assert that the negative electric charge of the electron has its own little magnetic charge and then it creates a little Magnetic Field.

4)     Inside the cells forming the body of every living being, belonging to the animal or the plant kingdom, there is a big, but indefinite, amount of molecular chains ( Genes, Enzymes, Proteins, etc…), each one with a specific function in the control of the biological life of a cell; their breakings (caused by the environmental Magnetic Field) increase progressively with time and it causes a mild but equally progressive biological decay of the cell itself.  With the passing of time, should it happen in the same way in many cells, the person ageing would occur and inexplicable diseases (such as Cancer, Leukemia, Dystrophy, etc…) would originate in the body of the living being.


If also one of these points were to be considered inaccurate or erroneous by a scientific point of view (and not irrelevant politically) or figment of the imagination of a person whose only purpose in life is to have someone else waste time, you are invited to interrupt the reading.  Otherwise, please, read with attention the whole content of this website and of the others 9 elaborated by me (the complete list can be found through the link Introduction).


 According to the Susceptive Property, when a Magnetic Field (MF), both natural, as the one of continuous value of the planet Earth, as artificial, as those, very numerous and in continuous increase, emitted by antennas, penetrates inside a living being, it sets in alternate orientation to its frequency all the atoms that made the body. This happens indifferently with an Electromagnetic Field emitted by an antenna  or by an electric cable or by an electric instrument. And it occurs in more evident way, according to the coefficient µ of magnetic permeability of every atom in that body. Also, the working of compasses, electric transformers, machines for magnetic resonance (etc…) is subordinated to the susceptive property of ferromagnetic materials.

The needle of a compass is half made of ferromagnetic material. The magnetic axis of all the  atoms present in this half orientates, because of the action of the Earth’s Magnetic Field, toward the magnetic North. In this way, they develop a Magnetic Motive Power and, if this one is bigger than the friction the weight of the needle exerts on its pivot, the needle itself orientates toward the magnetic North.

The forced orientation phenomenon of “magnetic sensitive” atoms always happens when an EMF penetrates in whatever cell of a living being, that belongs to the animal or the vegetable kingdom, causing the consequent casual breakup of molecular chains. It always occurs following the conditions dictated by Einstein’s formula E = mc˛.

When the strength lines of the Electromagnetic Field penetrate inside the cells, they impart  to the “magnetic sensitive” atoms, forming any of the numerous molecular chains, an energy (E), given by the mass of the atoms (m) for the square of its forced speed (c˛). The last one is connected to the Susceptive Property of  ferromagnetic materials, keeping in mind the value and the frequency of the Electromagnetic Field, according to the coefficient µ of absolute magnetic permeability of the concerned atoms.

Hence it derives that the speed of the atom touched by the Electromagnetic Field is as much bigger as more high is its frequency (as in the case of EMFs emitted by an antenna, by an electric cable or from an electric instrument). Then, the frequency of orientation (speed) the Electromagnetic Field gives to the atoms is very important in determining the energy by them acquired.  When the acquired energy is higher than the one of “union” that the same atom has with the adjacent atoms (the preceding one, the following one or the next one in  forming their molecular chain), this union and the molecular chain, too, break off, causing a light biological decay of the cell, at the beginning, and, should the molecular breaking happen again, the death of the cell itself. This mechanism is at the base of the process of aging of living beings. If the damaged cells had to be too much in a same organ, sometimes after and with the increase of the affected cells, some diseases, also of serious entity, could begin to appear. In fact, the casual recombination of damaged sections of the molecular chains can give raise to a Tumor. Various “external” elements (Physical entity or the ones linkable to them) condition the cellular life but the element of departure for the breakup of the “molecular chains” inside a cell it is always the environmental Electromagnetic Field.

In case all the unions of an atom were interrupted, it would be isolated and in the moment when it would come into contact with an environmental EMF, the same one responsible for  the breakup or a different one, it would again be set in orientation, according to his frequency. This phenomenon would determine a friction in the cell and a consequent development of heat, and should it affect many atoms and cells, the involved person’s body  would perceive sudden and inexplicable “blasts”, sometimes followed by indispositions.

The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) uses the peculiarity of atoms of Hydrogen (component fundamental of biological tissues) to uniformly orient themselves, as if they were so many needles of a Compass, if submitted to the action of a Magnetic Field, and to release energy when they return to the condition of departure, energy that is then picked up by special instrumentations of reception (UTET, Enciclopedia medica page 515). It cannot be considered clever to believe that this orientation happens only in the case of the NMR and not when you are submitted to the action of the environmental EMFs: the Susceptive Property of ferromagnetic materials is as God, present in every place of the Universe even if nobody can see or touch it.

A person is made of:

1 - mind: it is an abstract entity. The Mind interfaces the body with the external environment; it is the rational part of the human being. It takes in the Laws of the State and the rules to be applied and to be respected for life in Society.

2 - body: that is to say, in an adult human being, 100 hundred million cells and they are not able of taking in, analyzing and adapting to the Laws of the State. The cells of the human body, to work rightly, follow the Physical laws and they are not tied up to the wish of people or to the Laws promulgated from single States.

When the Physical laws and the laws of the States (as, for instance, the one on Electromagnetic pollution, 8 July, 2003) are in contrast, which one should the human intelligence follow? In Court, until know, they have followed the Law of the State to the detriment of universality of the physical law.  If the law of July 8, 2003, moving away from  the Law of the Physics, does some damage to people, should not it be considered unconstitutional, since the Italian Constitution, article 32, asserts that the State protects the health of the citizens? 



Albert Einstein developed, to determine the energy gained by a body in movement, the formula E=mc˛, where:

E = total Energy of the body in movement.

m = mass of the body in movement. In our case, the mass is the one of the nucleus of the “magnetic sensitive” atom, forming the molecular chain inside the cells and put in “forced and alternated orientation” by the Susceptive Property, according to the frequency of the Magnetic Field penetrated in the cell.

c2 = celerity. It indicates the squared speed that the body (the “magnetic sensitive” atom) gains in its forced movement imposed to it by the Susceptive Property of ferromagnetic materials.

This formula is useful to justify in every instant the casual breakup of the “molecular chains” contained in the cells, when the strength lines of any artificial Magnetic Field (but it could be of slight value, being the breakup to the atomic level) penetrate them.
Einstein’s aphorisms recite: “Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I am not yet completely sure about the universe!”; “A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it’s not open” Consequently, every person in charge at Political, Juridical, Scientific level, who is interested in finding a solution to the problem of environmental EMFs, should takes note of the fact that Magnetic Fields are Physical entity and that their method of operations do not depend on the experts’ opinions, but on the Susceptive property of ferromagnetic materials. In this way, the second part of first Einstein’s aphorism would be confuted.




When one or more electrons run through an electric conductor, as the one of an electroduct, they produce an Electromagnetic Field that is released in a radial and homogeneous way (if the conductor is suspended in the air as in the case of an electroduct), in the external surrounding environment.

In fact, when the electric conductor is suspended in the air, the led magnetic Field (being the value of absolute magnetic permeability µ of the air around the cable = 1) does not increase its value in comparison to the one originated from the movement of the electrons and emanated by the electroduct cable, but it progressively decreases with the square of its distance from the place of emission. When you go at the base of an electroduct, you can notice that below it, also in the country, any form of life does not exist. All the animals of small dimensions, as grasshoppers, crickets and ants etc., have suffered the aggression of the Environmental Magnetic Field with the consequent breakup of their molecular chains and the inevitable death. You can find the similar situation in the proximities of a antenna, emitting average, high, very high frequency Electromagnetic signal, powerful enough to cause the breakup of the molecular chains. Naturally, this would happen also towards people who would go under an electroduct, or in the proximities of an antenna, to take note of the explained situation.

In case of an underground conductor, the scattering is different, because the produced Electromagnetic Field, in the spreading in the environment, meets, in the ground that surrounds it, various materials that surely have an absolute magnetic permeability µ different point by point and greater to 1 (the air one). Then, the led Magnetic Field (given by B = µ x H) is superior to the one produced by the circulation of the same current in an air electroduct and its value is irregular. Therefore, an underground cable (as the city ones or those of last generation that nowadays replace the electroducts) carries on a more harmful action towards the living beings.

An Ammeter, inserted in series in a conductor, measures the intensity of current (or the flux of electrons) circulating in the mentioned conductor, decoding the flux in ampere (the unity of measurement of the intensity of current).

Every electron revolving around its nucleus, in each of the atoms that form the Planet (or, still better, the whole universe) gives rise to an even slight Electromagnetic field, therefore, every atom has a Magnetic Field (MF) itself and a magnetic axis of orientation. However, it is not fixed but it varies according to the number of electrons that form it. For this reason, greater it is the number of the electrons, greater it is the frequency to which its nucleus vibrates, greater it is the Magnetic Field of the considered atom, higher it is its atomic number (indicating the number of protons and peripheral electrons) in Mendeelev’s  Periodic Table of elements. Keeping in mind that every atom interacts with the adjacent atoms, influencing them and being influenced by them, the total (but vectorial) sum of every atom Magnetic Field produces the Earth’s MF, participating in the formation, together with the one of the other Planets, to the one the universe. All this is the origin of gravity, however, these days, some scientists seem to think that it depends on electric charges without mass. As Manzoni said “To our descendants the difficult sentence!”

An atom of Uranium is formed by an high number of electrons and, accordingly,  Radioactivity is an high Frequency Magnetic Field Of High Value (you can visit my website In fact, if you examine the periodic table of the elements, you can notice that all the Radioactive elements have an high atomic number. The component of the human body with the highest atomic number (present to control the regular functioning of the Thyroid) is the Iodine, whose value is 53. And yet, every day the chemical industry produces compounds where there are elements whose atomic numbers are high, and so harmful if they come into contact with the human body. 2011 has been declared the International year of Chemistry; and yet, laws simply continue to rise the limits allowed of chemical pollution, instead of protecting the citizens. In this way, ARPA technicians gather always normal values and not harmful according to the Law of the State, when, according to Physical laws, they are really harmful.



Inside every cell of every living being (belonging to the animal or the vegetable kingdom), an high number of molecular chains can be found, but it has not been quantified yet, (Genes, Enzymes, Proteins etc.), each one with a specific function. These molecular chains are formed by a logical succession of Elements (in the form of atoms), and they result more or less sensitive to the Magnetic Field according to their coefficient of absolute magnetic permeability.

Observing the Periodic Table, the elements, which participate in the formation of the human body, are all with a low atomic number [the element with the high atomic number is the Iodine (53) that however is present only in traces for the regular working of the Thyroid]. Nevertheless, the chemical industry produces compounds, for any use, formed by Elements with high atomic number or ones that, in their molecular chain of formation, have sections with an high general atomic number. So, in that section of their constitutive molecular chain, the comprehensive Magnetic Field of the chemical compound is high, because of the high comprehensive number of electrons the Elements are composed of. If such chemical products, through the food circuit or wasted in the air, should enter the human body, the elements with an high atomic number would interfere in the “magnetic sensitive” atoms of the molecular chains, damaging them. This explains the harmfulness of some chemical products as Dioxin, but political and economic interests lead to declare, although without scientific bases, that the human body is not jeopardized under determined values. Values that, unfortunately, to everybody’s detriment, are continually raised.



In Physics, when a Magnetic Field penetrates inside any body, for the Susceptive property of ferromagnetic materials, orientates  always, in a more or less obvious way, all the atoms of that body (according to the value of the coefficient of absolute permeability µ of the orientated atom), but it also creates a new Magnetic Field, inside the body in which it has penetrated. The MF is given by B = µ x H, where:

B = Value of magnetic induction in the body in which the Magnetic Field has penetrated.

µ = Coefficient of absolute magnetic permeability, which is characteristic of every
material; for the ferromagnetic ones it can reach the value of some thousand.
H = Value of the inducing Magnetic Field, penetrated in the body.


When the Magnetic Field, released by any conductor or by a substation, penetrating in the reinforced concrete of the structure of a house, should reach the iron rod in it inserted, it would induce in it a Magnetic Field, even some thousand of times greater of the one that has given rise to it (you can look up the tables concerning the coefficient of absolute permeability µ). If the induced Magnetic Field in the iron rod is of such value to reach the floor area, it would be absorbed by the people on it, causing all the harmful consequences already described.

Clearly, the same phenomenon of magnetic induction happens when it is an (average, high, very high frequency) electromagnetic signal emitted by an antenna, which penetrates in the iron rod. It must be kept in mind that the Electromagnetic signal, although of smaller value  compared to the one of the electric conductor, is of notable power, particularly in proximity of the emitting antenna. In fact the greater power of the Electromagnetic signal allows a bigger “coverage” of the concerned area, allowing to make a phone call from a cellar, to watch TV or to listen to the radio on a mountain! The electromagnetic signal emitted by an antenna affects twice a person’s body:

a - Through the ether    

b - Through the surface of the trampled ground

It is easily to shield an electric field with material, as wood and plastics, but also trees and buildings: so, between the outside and the inside of a building, there is a reduction of the electric field according to the kind of material and the characteristics of the building structure. Besides, the intensity of the magnetic field is proportionally inverse to the distance from the point of origin. Unlike the electric field, however, the magnetic field cannot be shielded with the greatest part of the materials of common use, for which it results valid the formula B = µ x H; therefore, if the Magnetic Field, released by an electric cable of high transport of energy, and laid underground near a building, penetrates inside the structure of a building (made of reinforced concrete), the “induced” Magnetic Field B will result also some thousand of times superior to the “inducing” H (the one produced in origin by the electric cable). Naturally, the Magnetic Field affects all the building and so, all the people or the objects, present in it, will be penetrated by the same Electromagnetic Field and they will show the effects, in the case of the people, of its harmful action. It is the same in the case of all the Electromagnetic signals present in the ether. The only difference is essentially due to their frequency and their value (it is absolute or in power terms). The fact remains that is possible to make a phone call from a cellphone or watch to the TV in a cellar.

The sketch represents the EMFs action, once they have penetrated an inhabited building.


The people standing on the floor, both that they are still or in movement, absorb the Magnetic Field produced in the iron rod. A similar reasoning must be done for the person in the bed. While for the first ones, in direct contact with the floor, it becomes difficult to proceed to such a shielding  as to make ineffective the harmful action of the Magnetic Fields, it is possible instead to proceed to the “shielding” of the bed and, since at least 6-8 hours are devoted to the rest, in that lapse of time, we can recover the physical damage that the EMF has caused to the Immune System. This can happen only in the case in which the irreversible damage concerns only the single molecular chains and it has not spread already, for instance to the bone marrow. 


It is useful to remember that All the rooms of the hospitals, containing machines that allow examinations through Nuclear Radiations or high frequency Electromagnetic Fields (such as x-rays and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance tests), are shielded against such radiations by lead plates, normally 1mm thick.

NB: the present sketch points out how I have proceeded to the shielding of the bed. You can note that the lines of the Magnetic Field induced in the iron rod n°5 are stopped, or very limited. For the shielding, it is necessary to keep in mind that:

1-all the thickness set at the base of the support of the bed (completely in wood also in its leg of support to the floor) make a square with a 20 cm side and around 1 mm thick.

2 - if you have difficulty finding the aluminum plate, it is possible to use the food one  (tinfoil), folding it up more times to get the desired measures. For the rubber layer, I used an old car mat opportunely cut out. The four lead sheets have opportunely been wrapped up with some scotch tape for packages, 8-10 cm high. This last operation has been made necessary in order to avoid the possible lead “sublimation” (the formation of lead vapors). From it an illness note as “lead poisoning” can derive, and, with time, it can prove to be, sometimes, deadly, as happened at the time of the ancient Romans. Therefore, it is opportune to periodically (around every 4 months) check the condition of the covering.

3 - the mattress is well to be “memory form”, because the kind of material used in this sort of mattresses doesn't facilitate the passage of the strength lines of the Magnetic Field. By limiting the harmful action of the Magnetic Field present in the floor through the shielding while one rests, it is possible to recover part of the damage brought to everyone’s Immune System (if the damage to the bone marrow is not permanent yet). Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the damage already occurred inside the cells or their Mitochondria.
ATTENTION: Since January, 2011, when I took these shrewdness, I can say that, circa 10 months later, the unintentional movements of the inferior limbs or the toes to which I was prone (those ones that the Medical class names nervous tic and doesn't know what origin attribute to) are decreased of around 95%, becoming entirely negligible.



In order to clarify the damage that a person’s Immune System gets from the action of the environmental EMF, it is necessary to signal what the HLAs are (“Human Leukocyte Antigen”). They are a polymorphic family of genes present on the surface of the cells, and they are called “Major histocompatibility complex” (MHC) and interact with T cells. These molecules are fundamental in the immune response and are also responsible of the rejection of the transplanted tissues. For each of the HLA genes (every gene is in fact a molecular chain), numerous variations exist (called alleles); for this it is rare to find two individuals whose tissues are compatible for a transplantation. Besides a person who possesses particular alleles of HLA genes is particularly exposed to have autoimmune illnesses  (Dizionario Medico UTET).

It is my personal opinion that HLAs are extremely important molecular chains whose breakup provokes autoimmune illnesses, that is to say those which originate by the Immune System.

The importance of the HLAs lies in the fact that they are delegated to the control of what it is present in the human body and that it has to be compatible with it. 



As the word itself explains, an autoimmune illness can be produced by a biological alteration of the Immune System, whose function is that to verify the compatibility of all the  cells present inside the body. For example, it checks the compatibility of the new Myelin cells that settle on the nerve axons in substitution of those biologically dead, in order to allow the transit of the electric signal from the brain to all the other cells. Naturally, it also has a lot of other functions, that I won't explain in this occasion.

If the environmental EMF, penetrated inside the human body, produces such an energy to “break” (Einstein’s formula  E=mc˛) one of the numerous molecular chains of HLA that the Immune System uses for having control over the histocompatibility, the same System loses a part of its functional ability. This way, it could find incompatible, and subsequently destroy, not recognizing them for what they really are, molecules that were instead perfectly compatible with the human body. In this case, it is said that the Immune System has lost, for an inexplicable reason, part of its functional biological capability (or as it is commonly said “it goes crazy”), but, naturally, the explanation can be found in EMFs action. In order to treat this functional inefficiency, immunosuppressive agents are used. They have the advantage of lowering the wrong level “of control” operated by the Immune System, but also the disadvantage of inhibiting the entire molecular chains of HLA, making possible the development of various and unpredictable pathologies.


Leukemia is the term with which a whole series of malignant illnesses, concerning the blood, is indicated, in practice it can be defined as “the blood cancer”. It takes origin from the bone marrow. There are two lines of cells in it: the lymphoid ones (a type of white blood cells and the lymphocytes) and the myeloid ones (the red blood cells, the other types of white blood cells and the platelets). When the cells are still immature they are said “blasts” and leukemia just stops the maturation of the blasts, with consequent lack of mature white and red cells in the blood. According to the affected part, leukemia is called “lymphoblastic” or “myeloblastic”.

For how much the bursting causes of leukemia are still considered unknown, nowadays, it is broadly recognized that exposure to radiations is to be considered as a factor of risk. The high incidence of this illness in the survivors to the atomic bombs of Nagasaki and Hiroshima or in the patients who had radiotherapies for other types of tumor cannot be brought into question. The radioactive isotopes of phosphorus and sulphur preferably attack the tissues of the bone marrow and their presence has often been associated to cases of leukemia.

Between 1980 and 2003, an epidemiological research, known as KIKK (Epidemiologische Studie zu Kinderkrebs in der Umgebung von Kernkraftwerken), has been done in Germany and its subject was the incidence of tumors and leukemia in children under 5 years of age who lived in proximity of nuclear plants. The conclusions of this study, the experts are still examining it closely, underlined that the risk to contract the illness proportionally increases with the proximity to the nuclear plants. As we have said, radioactivity is nothing else but a Magnetic Field, and so it is evident that the exposure to the Artificial Magnetic Fields can be considered source of the autoimmune illnesses and of leukemia, too.

In order to try to resolve the problem of the Leukemia, if it has been verified that it has originated from the harmful action of EMFs, it could be useful to put the patient in such a condition to not be subject to them anymore. As, for instance, to making him live for an extended period of time on a sailboat. This way, the EMF, present in the environment, would flow in the water. This, with the medical therapies, could normalize the situation in all those cases in which a bone marrow transplant is not necessary. Besides, sick people could, naturally, take advantage of the shielding of the bed.


One day I asked to a doctor: “of how many illnesses it is known the cause?”

The answer that I got was:

Nowadays, the known illnesses are of two types:

1)The viral illnesses.

2)All the other illnesses.

The source of the first ones is known (the virus), while for the seconds ones it is still unknown (!!). This makes room to the consideration that the environmental EMFs, with their action of casual and progressive breakup of any molecular chain inside the human body, cause an elevated number of unpredictable pathologies. 


Mogno Gian Pietro