Because C.E.M are scientifically harmful.
This site, www.cemartificiali.com, has been compiled by a group of people, coordinated by Mogno Gian Pietro, who is 100% disabled as suffering from multiple sclerosis but with symptoms that precede SLA; Is currently hosted at the Residence del Frate, via Prale 6, 10010 Bairo, Turin, Italy.
In summary, the site deals with the following topics:
In the first part we describe the influence of the planet's magnetic field on the human body and on all other animal and plant living things.
This explains the reason why even when there were no magnetic fields induced by the electric current and artificial radio waves developed from alterations due to the influence of the Earth's magnetic field.
In the second part, artificial magnetic fields originating from the electric current and radio waves are taken into account.
In the third part it is described how the damaging action of artificial magnetic fields alter the functioning of cells, resulting in unpredictable diseases such as leukemia, tumors and disabling diseases, and so on.
The fourth part describes chemical pollution.
In the fifth part, the rise of global warming and its consequences.