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Because of the involved subject, it is necessary to signal that ALL is attributable to an electromagnetic field,  confirming the four scientific thesis, which, once related, determine its harmfulness:

1)     The SUSCEPTIVE property of ferromagnetic materials exists.

2)     Every body in movement (even if it is an atom) has its own Energy given by Albert Einstein’s formula E=mc²

3)     Every time an electron moves, when it revolves round its own atom nucleus, in a space or through a conductor, it produces an even slight Magnetic Field: Some authors, such  as Olivieri and Ravelli who wrote Elettrotecnica Generale (1951),  assert that the negative electric charge of the electron has its own little magnetic charge and then it creates a little Magnetic Field.

4)     Inside the cells forming the body of every living being, belonging to the animal or the plant kingdom, there is a big, but indefinite, amount of molecular chains ( Genes, Enzymes, Proteins, etc…), each one with a specific function in the control of the biological life of a cell; their breakings (caused by the environmental Magnetic Field) increase progressively with time and it causes a mild but equally progressive biological decay of the cell itself.  With the passing of time, should it happen in the same way in many cells, the person ageing would occur and inexplicable diseases (such as Cancer, Leukemia, Dystrophy, etc…) would originate in the body of the living being.

It is simple, all things considered, to establish if a single element present in nature will be harmful, with the passing of time, to the human body. It is necessary to make some considerations using Mendeleev’s periodic Table of the elements, knowing which ones belong to the human body, taking in correct consideration, if necessary, both the Susceptive property of ferromagnetic material and the formula elaborated by Einstein.

Depleted uranium is the by-product of the enriched one; it is the residue of the uranium used in nuclear power plants for the production of electricity. Arms industry employs it in the production of bullets. When the bullet of depleted Uranium (Pictures A and B) is shot by the artillery, it comes into contact with the air and, because of the attrition with it, it occurs a deceleration of the bullet, but also an increase in its temperature; under these conditions, it releases atoms of Uranium (indicated with letter a) in great quantity. Therefore the bullet releases in the air radioactive atoms of depleted Uranium all its run long, and they, falling, contaminate the ground for a very long period (also some hundred thousand years), before their radioactivity is halved. This in theory.



The bullet arrives in the proximity of the object to hit and its radioactivity (high frequency of an electromagnetic signal) penetrates in it before the bullet hits it. The Susceptive property of ferromagnetic materials says that when an electromagnetic signal penetrates in a body, it sets in orientation (alternate and to its frequency) the “magnetic sensitive” atoms reached by the EMF. With this oscillation, the atoms of the target produce attrition, with a consequent raising of its temperature (there is a small “microwave oven” effect in the structure of the armour-plate even before it is hit) and consequently a weakening of the structure of the body in which the EMF has penetrated (or it’s better to say the radioactivity of the bullet of depleted uranium).

The atoms of every body have a very low inertia because their atomic weight is low, but in every case they acquire a kinetic energy from the EMF (formula elaborated by Einstein) that is given: E=mc, where c = celerity,  m = mass of the atom involved in the movement by the EMF of the radioactivity penetrated in the body.




a = squared acceleration the “magnetic sensitive” atom, come into contact with the radioactivity of the bullet, is subjected to. Since radioactivity is an electromagnetic signal with a very high frequency (the famous X rays), every atom of the target will be subjected to a high acceleration, that will consequently produce the structural weakening of the steel armour-plate of the enemy vehicle that will be hit a few instants after. When the depleted Uranium bullet hit the target, it won't explode but it will pierce through its structure weakened by the radioactivity (indicated with letter b), continuing its run, and losing further atoms that will fall to the ground polluting it with their radioactivity. This will happen until the kinetic energy  that has been imparted  the bullet with the shot won't finish and the bullet will fall to the ground, stopping (Picture 3).   

The bullet in the picture 2 is very near to its target and its radioactivity has already penetrated in it weakening the part of its structure, indicated with number 2.


In picture 3, we can observe the bullet of depleted Uranium that doesn't explode, hitting the target, but it continues its run after having pierced through its weakened structure. This would happen independently from the thickness of the hit plate because the radioactivity of the bullet, penetrating in it, would however set in orientation in high frequency all its atoms, as it is confirmed by the Susceptive property, regulated by the laws of the Physics. Depleted uranium has not any mechanical characteristics that allow this, but everything happens for its radioactivity (which is an EMF of high frequency).

Now, we see what happens to the soldiers who, in a war operation, participate in an attack after a bombardment with bullets of depleted uranium.

The soldiers, in an infantry attack, normally, follow the direction of the artillery bombardment, and in this way there can be two consequences:


1)     Infantry moves attacking in direction of the bombardment while it is in progress: in this case soldiers’ uniforms can intercept the atoms of depleted Uranium that fall from the sky, released by the bullets.

2)     Soldiers launch the attack at the end of the bombardment, sometimes crawling on the ground, and their uniforms pick up the atoms of depleted Uranium present there.

The soldiers that participate in an attack after a bombardment with bullets of depleted uranium, even if they did not come directly into contact with this material, they find themselves with the battle clothing (that they wear also for whole days) contaminated by its atoms, which carry out, with their radioactivity, a harmful action towards the molecular chains of the cells in the soldiers’ body (on the “magnetic sensitive” atoms), causing in time, any type of pathology and, in rare cases, also the death.

Human body is formed by about 100thousand million cells, inside them a high number of molecular chains is located; each of them has its own specific function, useful and necessary for the correct biological working of the cell and the human body in its complex. The molecular chains present inside the cells are formed by a logical succession of atoms joined among them by “physical” bonds.

When the Uranium radioactive EMF penetrates inside a body, in accordance with the Susceptive Property of ferromagnetic materials, it sets in orientation the “magnetic sensitive” atoms (at the very high specific frequency of the radioactivity), and they acquire a considerable kinetic energy. In this way, the “magnetic sensitive” atoms hit by the EMF break many molecular chains they are a constituent part of. This casual breakup alters the regular biological working of the cells themselves and consequently the most inexplicable pathologies would arise and be caused. The damages brought to the molecular chains are, as a rule, irreversible and this condition can cause in time (from few to many days, in accordance with the absorbed radioactivity) a considerable biological decay. All this happens in accordance with the Susceptive property of ferromagnetic materials, that, even if it is a Physical Law, seems not to be taken into consideration a lot by who exercises the Political power, the Judicial one, or by the experts of the Court (normally he/she is a Lecturer lavishly paid for the given consultancy, and who should know this subject very well from a scientific point of view). If in Court, dealing with the problem of the harmfulness of the depleted Uranium radioactivity, the mechanism and the connection with the Susceptive property is not explained, the truth is not told, conditioning the final verdict passed by the Judge.  If in a courtroom, on oath, the truth is not told, he falls in the crime of “perjury”, even if any Judge has never express himself in such way. In the site  I explain in a detailed way, which the harmful effects of the environmental EMFs (in low, average, high, very high frequency) are and how they occur in the human body.

The website is quite “full-bodied” (the equivalent of about 80 pages); in it I exclusively explain, from a scientific point of view, and not in accordance with a personal opinion, the reason of some phenomenon, as the increase of the body temperature and the environmental one, with the consequent climatic variations of the Planet or other phenomenon inexplicable to Science.


To explain this condition it is necessary to remember that:

1)      Every electron is gifted both of a negative electric charge and of a small magnetic charge.

2)      When an electron moves through a conductor, it originates both an electric current and a small Magnetic Field.

3)      Every atom of Uranium, in accordance with the periodic table of the elements, has 92 electrons and they, quickly revolving round their own nucleus, produce a Magnetic Field (not an electric current) of elevated value that spreads in the surrounding space going far away, having an elevated frequency.

An Uranium bar is formed by million and million of atoms, each of them, in accordance with what underlined before, has its own Magnetic Field (radioactivity), of a more or less high value. Therefore the Magnetic Field of the whole bar will be considerable and, spreading in the surrounding environment, it will have very harmful effects on the molecular chains inside the cells of the living beings with which it interacts, in accordance with the Susceptive Property of ferromagnetic materials. It is necessary to consider that all the atoms are formed of a nucleus around which the same number of electrons and protons revolves. In their revolving  around the nucleus, the electrons produce a Magnetic Field that is very stronger as the number of electrons that gives rise to it is bigger.

In practice, every atom of every element emits a Magnetic Field that is as much bigger as its atomic number (the number of protons) is higher. If the Periodic Table of the Elements is analyzed, all the radioactive materials have an elevated atomic number; the electrons quickly rotate around the nucleus, and, as told before, they have both a negative electric charge and a small magnetic charge; therefore radioactivity is an electromagnetic signal of high frequency owed to the rotation of the electrons. Because of their small magnetic charge, the electrons impose an “oscillation” to the atom nucleus (in the case of uranium this happens in high frequency) that spreads with its magnetism in the surrounding environment contaminating all the bodies in which it penetrates.  Besides, because of theirs “oscillation” at high frequency, the superficial atoms of an Uranium bar easily separate from the adjacent atoms, contaminating with their harmful radioactivity the surrounding environment.

Fortunately the materials (or the elements) mostly used in everyday life and the ones present in considerable quantity in nature, they have a low atomic number and then they emit a Magnetic Field of least value that doesn't interfere (or interferes a little), with the one of the atoms that form the molecular chains inside the cells of the human body. In fact, the atoms of every element vibrate and, in America, they deposited the patent for an instrument able to recover and reconvert this energy, for instance, with the one emitted by a cell phone you will be able to recharge the battery of the same phone. 

In the explanation about Black Holes ( see website, we have seen how the electrons rotate around their own atom nucleus, until the moment when the atoms of the whole planet or solar system “absorbed” by the Black Hole collapse. This happens because of the annulment of the natural Magnetic Field of the planet or the star. The radioactivity of an Uranium atom will stop completely when its 92 electrons that constitute it won't rotate around the nucleus anymore, because precipitated on it, in the moment when the star or the Planet will be “absorbed” by the Black Hole. Until the moment when the natural Magnetic Field will exist on a Planet or on a Star, if on that Planet or on that Star some uranium exists, its 92 electrons (as, after all, the ones of the other atoms that constitute the celestial body) will revolve producing radioactivity, whose life will stop when the natural Magnetic Field of the Planet or the star won't exist anymore.

When in the military rifle ranges, or during war actions, they use and shoot bullets of depleted uranium, they releases, during theirs “range”, atoms of the same material, that, falling  on the ground, they will make it radioactive and sterile for a high number of years. The radioactivity of the wasted Uranium atoms (their high frequency EMF) also penetrates inside the cells of the people that trample on the ground, soon breaking a lot of the molecular chains present in their cells, altering in an irreversible way the regular biological working. In this way, also the regular biological working of the cells of the microorganism present in the ground changes. Radioactivity will make the soil unusable for agricultural, civil or industrial use because harmful to the man for many years. On the other hand, the security of the State will be protected and guaranteed! In the depleted Uranium case, it is necessary to choose if we must use the reason of the strength or the strength of the reason, that is to say Common Sense. Until now, the first one won.

The natural Magnetic Field orientates the needle of a compass towards the magnetic north of the Planet, but it doesn't act only on the atoms that form the needle of the compass, but in more or less evident way on all the atoms that form the planet, in accordance with their magnetic permeability µ. People are not able to observe the objects at atomic level, but they see the general result of the orientation of the atoms that constitute them, as in the case of the compass.

The first principle of Physics asserts that: “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”.

Uranium radioactivity is a big electromagnetic energy, with an elevated frequency, that is supplied by its every atom for an endless number of years because the rotation of the electrons around the nucleus is due to the natural Magnetic Field (as, after all, this happens to the electrons of all the atoms of all the elements present on the planet). Some maintain that radioactivity halves its value every 100.000 years, others point out for this halving a period of 4,5 million years. In fact, the stowage of radioactive wastes (for their elimination) is a problem very difficult to solve. This means, in practice, that it is impossible that an atom of radioactive material has in itself such an amount of energy and that it can give it for a considerably long period.  Evidently, the energy is, certainly, supplied by the Uranium atom, but it is all originated and stolen from the one of the natural terrestrial Magnetic Field! The natural Magnetic Field is present in the environment in the form of polarity without mass, but the same thing cannot be told of radioactivity, that is considered as a quantity of energy that can be emphasized with the rotation of the electrons and the orientation at high frequency imposed to the nucleus by their unbalanced rotation. Instead, the artificial Electromagnetic Field is a form of energy without mass. If radioactivity were not an Electromagnetic Field, of elevated frequency, it could not weaken, in remarkable way (in accordance with the Susceptive property), the structure of an armour-plate of steel, even before it could touch it physically. Radioactivity is, therefore, an energy possessed by the Uranium atom, but in order to last for so a long time, without wasting away, it has to be continuously stolen from or supplied by the Natural Magnetic Field, that decreases its value in an imperceptible way for mankind but perceptible for the nature.

If the radioactive energy of uranium were not continually restored by the natural Magnetic Field, it would end a lot before of what it is hypothesized by the Official Science.

The big quantity of electromagnetic signals originated by mankind and present in the environment, does not apparently interfere with any form of life belonging to the animal, vegetable or mineral kingdom, in reality they produce an alteration in their molecular structure and the effects will be evident in an unpredictable period of time. In fact, because of the numerous artificial environmental EMFs, incurable human pathologies of unknown origin can already be found, inexplicable decreases in the Bee population (it is not only the effect of the action of Nicotinoids used in agriculture), climatic variations that materialize with disastrous results on the environment, genetic modifications in human kind causing pathologies of unknown origin. In the living beings, the official Medicine hypothesizes that some of the found pathologies are an inheritance caused by biological alterations present in the hereditary characteristics and were silent.


There are few Uranium mines in nature, so much to induce Governments to “recycle” the uranium used for civil use, in the production of electric energy in nuclear plants, for military purposes, in the production of nuclear arms.

Miners are subject to a relatively low radioactivity, because the material is present in the ground in least quantity. To make it useful processes of refinement, concentration, enrichment of the mineral are necessary and in the moment when it appears in bars for civil use in the production of electric energy, its radioactivity results considerable and highly harmful both for the environment and for the living beings (All and independently from the Kingdom they belong to).

One of the greatest problems of Uranium is the disposal of its residues, of those that are commonly called “radioactive wastes.”

Continuously recharging from the planet natural Magnetic Field, Uranium radioactivity is almost constant in value and its life is never-ending!

THE SET OUT SUBJECTS EXPLAIN  WHY URANIUM IS RADIOACTIVE AND WHAT RADIOACTIVITY IS. Besides it is explained how depleted Uranium is Harmful for the Soldiers who, participating to war actions in which it is used, also without coming physically into contact with it  voluntarily. The theoretical demonstration of what I wrote  is founded  on the correct interpretation of a Physical property, the SUSCEPTIBILITY of ferromagnetic materials and so  it is not questionable.   


Mogno Gian Pietro


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