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This site has been created by a group of people coordinated by Gian Pietro Mogno, who is himself is 100% invalid due to the illness Multiple Sclerosis., being followed by the S.L.A.

He is a patient at  Residence del Frate, Via Prale 6 in the province of Torino.

This site is based on scientific fact and not personal opinion and is divided in to three parts.

The first part talks about the influence of the environmental magnetic field on the Human body and on all other living entities, be they animal or vegetable.

This explains the motive for which, even when the magnetic fields conducted by electric current and artificial radio waves did not exist , they had already developed alterations due to the influence of terrestrial magnetic fields .

The second part will take into consideration artificial magnetic fields originating from electrical current and radio waves.

The third part describes the chemical contamination and the start of global warming with the relative consequences.







When a conductor inserted in to an electrical circuit is followed by a flux of electrons two phenomenon originate in this.

1)    A circulation of current in the internal part;

2)    A magnetic field can be found again in the most external part isolated by the environment , measurable using an ammeter.

In the same manner, the electrons that rotate around the nucleus of an atom originating from a magnetic field.

All the atoms have their own magnetic field, being as elevated as the number of rotating electrons.

The atom is electrically neutral  in the sense that the number of electrons, negatively charged is the same as that of the positive protons from the nucleus, whilst the neutrons are neutral.


All the atoms have their own magnetic field, being as elevated as the number of rotating electrons.

The atom is electrically neutral  in the sense that the number of electrons, negatively charged is the same as that of the positive protons from the nucleus, whilst the neutrons are neutral.






The infinity of atoms all together form both the matter of the Earth as well as its magnetic  field. The magnetic field belonging to the atoms unites with that of the terrestrial.

The majority of experts believe that the terrestrial magnetic field can be compared to that of a sphere, uniformly magnetized  and characterized by two magnetic poles that do not coincide with those of the geographical.

Considering the hypothesis that ferrous nucleus behaves like an enormous magnet able to create a magnetic field., having already a temperature of 950°  the iron loses this property , and has taken the field of the theory of GEODYNAMICS  :  the metal, iron and nickel present in the external nucleus in liquid state becomes “shaken” by convective movements like that of a cape.

The effects of terrestrial magnetic fields are the polar aurora  and the magnetosphere., whose very presence defends the Earth from cosmic rays.










How do the cells of the human body work?

At the end of the age of the development of the human body there have ben formed 60/70 thousand billion nucleate cells., another 30/40 thousand billion are constituted by non  nucleated red blood cells. In the internal part  of the nucleus, there is as quantity of as yet unnumbered molecular chains that have four different functions, therefore containing: 1 DNA; 2 Genes ; 3 Enzymes; 4 protein.




 We can consider that in the internal part of every cell there are mitochondrion organs, whose number can reach over 50 and whose task is that of creating a mitochondrial protein, used by the cell in the form of energy.


In order to do this , it makes available mitochondrial DNA, that is formed by molecular chains.

 If one or more of the chains of this DNA is by any chance broken by a noxious action by the CM, this will no longer be able to produce the relative protein, and the cells will diminish its energetic capacity, the progressive damage present over time, of the mitochondrion

 will result in the evidence of the aging of the person.








 The immune system functions by checking the compatibility of itself with other cells for its own necessity.

This  controlling action takes place  through  the HLA (Human Leucocyte Associate)

A family of genes that identify the molecules present on the surface of the white blood cells, called with major complexity of histocompatibility (MHC).

These molecules are fundamental in the immune response and are also responsible for the rejection of tissue or transplanted organs..

When an environmental  CEM penetrates a living body it can provoke the breaking of the molecular chain containing “Magnet sensitive” atoms . In the specific case of the immune system, the environmental CEM  can provoke two situations:

1)The immune system is produced by marrow with some chains of already broken HLA, thus altering the functions of the controls on itself.;

2)The molecular chain of the HLA is regularly produced from its origin , but becomes broken following a certain percentage of white blood cells from the SI altering the biological functioning.




A certain number of researchers indicate that in the reproduction of cells sometimes there does not exist a correspondence between cells from the mother and cells from the daughter ,following  the verification of errors of biological transcription. This study is proven wrong with an unusual comparison between trees and the major part of animals, apart from a few particular cases, like the limpets that attach themselves  to a rock and can only complete the minimum of movement in the marine depths.

The trees are generally permanently fixed   , therefore develop their trunks where they have germinated their original seed.

The Sequoia trees in a national park in the USA reach notable dimensions and long lives up to around 3000 years .The oldest living person on the planet has been registered at 117 years in 2016 and lives in Italy.

Men and animals daily move in four cardinal directions. This means that the molecular chains with movement can assume critical positions until creating a difficulty in integrity until casually breaking it.

The increase in the number of breaks can be presumed for various reasons, also serious and invalidity.





In the past millenniums the breaking of the molecular chains has always occurred both for the existence of terrestrial magnetic fields as well as due to the movement of the people, for the precedent motives  there already existed some illnesses for which blindness, the physical alterations the dystrophy, etc but contributed to the cause erroneously for supernatural reasons. These phenomenon were accentuated with the advent of magnetic fields artificially produced by electric current and radio waves. This does not come from trees as they do not move, and in light movement of the limpets whose have the minimum of movement.




The advent and diffusion of the electric current was achieved by the design of equipment suitable for its production, transport, consumption or use.

No one is sure.

In the first semionda, the atom is oriented towards the magnetic North; In the second the atom is oriented up to 180 ° in the direction of the South.
Initially there was a discussion between those who supported the use of continuous electric current and who of the alternating current. The second was chosen. This resulted in the emergence of phenomena such as magnetic induction, whose form ula consist



And in B = μ x H, where
      B = induced magnetic field
H = inductive magnetic field
       Μ = relative permeability of the material in which the magnetic field has penetrated.

The radio waves were an invention of Marconi, after that of the electric current.
While the alternating current is low frequency, 50/60 Hz, with a 220V household voltage, the radio waves have progressively increased their frequency, which has passed from high to high, but their value Emission decreased with the improvement of reception equipment, decreasing from a few tenth to milliseconds of V.


The technical features of the WI-FI protocol used to transmit Internet data from the telephone line terminal modem to the PC of the person using wireless ether, and to create a data transmission network between the same PCs of the same user without a wireless router Use wires, are unconditionally and essentially the following:
1) Operating frequency 2.2 GHz (2.2 billion oscillations per second).

2) Useful signal strength in the absence of walls to cross 80 m; In the presence of walls
To cross 65m.Ragging on what is reported, we can say that if a person we call A, using the Internet at the end of the telephone line, a modem router that uses the WI-FI system to transmit to its PC the "wireless" , Can be up to 65 meters away from the telephone terminal and receive them in full and proper way. For the same technical features of the WI-FI protocol, all the users who use them for their PC also reach the A user's PC and also penetrate the floor of their accommodation when they encounter the iron rod in the reinforced concrete, Induce it in so many electromagnet-induced fields as are the WI-FI signals that pass through it (and that correspond to the number of users within a 65-meter sphere of user A, they enjoy WI-FI service) .Only These induced WI-FI signals add up to their frequency and their new induced value to all environmental electromagnetic fields that are already induced in the iron rod of the structure of the house and its floors considered to be becoming absorbed by the body of the People who are stationed or walking, more harmless (accidentally breaking them) for the "molecular chains" of their cells.
The phenomenon happens just like the retired 19-year-old boy who does not use the Internet but has only the advantage of being a person's head. Of course, if within 65 meters, one or more companies that use wireless data transmission via a router WI-FI will add to the electromagnetic fields induced number of signals (induced and increased in the iron rod) equal to the number of PCs that are part of the WI-FI data transmission networks.

It is to be assumed that each WI-FI signal is induced in the "iron rod", therefore increased in value, added to the induced environmental CEM, becoming more harmful.
The problem is that there are a few billion users in the world who use the Internet through WI-FI, self-destructing (as many as 65-meter Internet users are) and harming the same in the same way even the neighbor and everyone Those within 65 meters will also ignore people who do not use or enjoy such service. The problem is that a wireless service called super WI-FI has been developed with technical features above the current WI-FI. This new super-WI-FI service with 5 GHz operating frequency (5 billion swings per second) will allow those who use it to damage themselves more and more closely, guaranteeing to those who produce it and who sells it to have Essentially more useful. But the person (or people) who authorizes and legalizes these products knows the Physics or in the specific case of environmental EMCs, "is little learned" and a few ideas but confused ???





                                          MOLECULAR CATENEES AND THEIR BREAKS

Towards the end of the 18th century cement was introduced in buildings; To increase its static capacities, the iron rod was inserted into the same, transforming it into reinforced concrete. Cities began to develop, rather than horizontally, vertically, to the realization of modern skyscrapers. Since this is an alternating current, the magnetic field of the environment is also alternating and penetrating into the iron rod induces an alternating magnetic field, which is 2000/4000 times the magnetic field if the same is induced in the air because the coefficient μ Absolute air is equal to 1.


Any person, walk or station on a reinforced concrete floor floor examined, absorbs part of the induced magnetic field present in the iron rod. This magnetic field, absorbed by the human body, alternates the atoms that make up the cells of the human body in general. Each moving body acquires an energy, quantified by the Einstein Formula, E = m x c², where
                   E = energy
                                                 M = mass of the moving motion under the interaction of the magnetic properties of the magnetic properties


C = the velocity at which the atom is oriented under the effect of said property.
   Within the nucleated cells there are four different types of molecular chains, representing DNA, genes, enzymes and proteins.
The number of these chains is remarkable even if not yet numerically determined by scientific research. Within the cells there are molecular chains of mitochondria, the cell power plants; Besides these there are also those of the immune system.
In fact, there are molecular chains throughout the human body that allow the proper biological functioning of the same.




In forming a molecular chain, the atoms that are all oriented towards the magnetic north are joined together by valence bonds, with a certain union force, when an electromagnetic field penetrates within a person, alternating orientation of the atoms of Some molecular chains that are inside the cells.
All this is done according to the susceptible property: in this situation the atoms acquire an energy according to the formula of Einstein, which if it is superior to the union force they have with adjacent atoms, break the bonds and give rise to the breaking of the molecular chain,
In this case the cell with the broken molecular hull causes a minimal biological decay, but progressively increases in time as molecular chain breaks increase.
In the nucleus of the cell are also present enzymes that have the function of repairing the broken molecular chains, their presence is in remarkable numerical quantities because each molecular chain has its own enzyme that rebuilds it in an original way.
Within the nucleus of the cell already existed broken sections of previously broken molecular chains, so the enzyme has a problem in rebuilding the broken molecular chain in an original way.
If the human body acquires a magnetic field, it has broken molecular chains in it have the atoms that are moving reason so this is a cause of additional difficulty for the reconstruction of the original molecular chain.

In the optics, an image is transmitted by the human eye if it stays on the retina for at least a tenth of a second; This is not the case with a molecular chain whose atoms alternate toward the Magnetic North and the South in a time of 1/50 or 60 seconds depending on the frequency of the electromagnetic field produced by the electric current. The process should be resumed by means of an electronic microscope, then projecting it slowly until the frequency of 4 Hz. Thus, the alternating orientation of the atoms towards the Magnetic North and the South could be noted, highlighting the true cause Of random breaks of molecular chains.
Stem cells are the precursors of the cells that will be in the future, but they also have within their nucleus the known molecular chains already reported and also the latter can be interrupted by the damaging action of the magnetic field, so that This explains the success but also the failure of some stem cell transplants, all depends on the number of interrupted molecular chains.

In the nucleus of the cell there are enzymes predisposed to the reconstruction of molecular chains as they originally appeared; But the enzyme itself is a molecular chain and, if it has been interrupted, it can not properly perform its reconstructive function. In the core of the cell already exist fragments of chains previously broken, so the enzyme finds difficulty in reconstructing the original chain. If reconstruction is not done correctly, it is impossible to return to the primitive functionality.
Medical research indicates the existence of hundreds of different tumors;
This abnormal reconstruction of interrupted molecular chains can be considered one of the plausible explanations. Medicine also speaks of metastasis by referring to the onset of tumors at points different from the original one; It could be new tumors due to the breakup of new chains.







Each individual can personally test the harmful effect of artificial EMCs on small animals, such as: crickets, cicadas, grasshoppers, etc. Below any electrical product in the countryside, you will notice that in an area of ​​about 10 meters from the perpendicular to the high voltage power cable, there will be no animal life, not even at the level of small insects Dimensions. This is because high-tension electromagnetic fields, moving within the cells, cause the progressive and random breakdown of molecular chains, including those that contract muscle contraction, which will become more and more difficult over time. In this way, animals increasingly lose their ability to move and die of starvation. If this phenomenon occurs in small animals, it is logical to think that the same happens in a person's body; The effects will only be apparent only in the long run, because the human body is made up of a much larger number of cells. The same lack of animal life can be observed in the country up to a certain distance from electromagnetic signal transmitters and receivers such as radios, TVs, cell phones, and so on. Even in this case, the electromagnetic fields, emitted by antennas and in lesser form than the cell phones, will be harmful to the cells of the body.

Your doctor does not recommend evening body temperature measurement because its value has been increased for a cause that until now responsible people have not found a real and justified scientific explanation!
Let's then try to give it a real and scientific explanation.
The first principle of Physics states that: in "nature" nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed.
The temperature of the human body is, in effect, the external manifestation of the heat contained within it. To a lesser extent, the cause is due to metabolism (altered by the fact that evening is dinner). The real motivation behind the increase in body temperature is, however, another and it is shown by the fact that this year does not always occur at the same time of the day but the phenomenon occurs earlier in the winter (h 17-18) while Is postponed in the summer (h 20,30-21). This is because, in the times indicated, public lighting is turned on, and only then electric wires increase the value of the EMCs released.

Cell phones emit radiations, or microwave radios, which extend horizontally from the phone to everything around them. The closer you are to the appliance, of course, the greater the intensity of these waves.
These radiations are called non-ionizing, i.e. below GHz (Giga Hertz, ie one billion Hertz). In addition, these are high-frequency radiation, such as those of television and radio antennas. The greatest risk associated with this kind of waves is that of rising the temperature, which can harm the surrounding tissues.
The battery, on the other hand, emits low frequency waves, and its danger depends closely on the intensity of these waves. The same waves are emitted mainly from the electricity distribution network; Those who live near such installations are very likely. There is, in fact, a greater incidence of multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, breast cancer, leukemia, brain tumor.

What happen?

In practice, it seems that these microwaves are able to neutralize the hematoencephalic barrier by passing toxins to the brain. The effects of radiation on humans can be distinguished in the short and long term.
Short-term ones are essentially related to the development of heat (which can also be seen by telephone: in fact, while a long period of time on the phone is noticeable, healing of the ear and the corresponding skull portion), which, if the cell phone is used for short periods
Not too often, could actually be harmless.
The long-term consequences, however, have not yet been ascertained in scientific form as there is no case in which the assumptions are based.
It seems, however, that the most exposed parts are, apart from the brain, the eyes, with the development of uveal melanoma, and the acute nerve, urged for too long.








In 1996 cloned Dolly sheep, starting from a somatic breast cell, taken from an adult sheep of six years; So Dolly was born old because the cloning technique provided for the use of parts of the cell that were old, so that within them there were already numerous random breaks of molecular chains. Over time, breaks have risen at an exponential rate, so the cause of his death, which occurred soon after seven years, refers to the molecular chains that have broken. In China, over the last 50 years, there has been a remarkable development of the cities and the electrification of the nation. It has 16% of the world's population, but 50% of cancer cases over the planet.
Earlier we reported that, at the feet of the power lines, there is no animal life, albeit small in size. The vertical development of cities involves the construction of buildings, using the iron rod in the reinforced concrete. This involves an inductive phenomenon inside the rod, whereby the magnetic field is expanded and captured by the people who walk or sit there. Considering the very high number of people inside these buildings, one can understand how much the number of random chain molecular chain breaks and the consequent onset of serious diseases, cancers, due to their abnormal reconstruction.



When the baby is still in the mother's womb and this is in a location exposed to the environmental CEM, it will absorb it and without realizing it will suffer the breakdown of molecular chains; But the same phenomenon will occur in the fetus, with the most significant results due to the small number of cells, especially in the perspective of future development.



The speech needs to be studied by competent people in the subject, who can explain phenomena such as autism, dyslexia, which could be caused by more or less serious breaks in molecular chains.
Essentially the molecular chain to be considered is that of the genes, and we must also consider the tumors that can be developed in the fetus or in the newborn after a few years of life, as the tumor is generated by an abnormally reconstructed molecular chain For the usual reason for exposure to magnetic fields.




In the specific case of the immune system, environmental CEM can cause two situations:
1) the immune system (white blood cell) is produced from bone marrow with some already broken HLA chains, thus altering the specific molecular chain control function. By breaking down the molecular chain of an HLA, it becomes biologically inactive or wrong for that specific control function; In an unpredictable percentage of people with this defect, an autoimmune disease may arise. In this case, the damage to the molecular chain of the immune system is irreversible and the only remedy is the surgical operation of bone marrow transplantation of a healthy and compatible donor.
2) The molecular chain of HLA is produced regularly from its origin (unbound bone marrow produces the innate molecular chain), but it is broken into a certain percentage of white blood cells in the immune system; In this case its regular biological operation is altered. In this condition, bone marrow transplantation is useless, because the final situation would not change, as that molecular chain of HLA would still be broken by environmental CEM.

Analyzing these two situations, the importance of the integrity of the SI molecular chains of HLA is found for the regular biological operation and how it is caused to it the potential damage caused by environmental EMC.
In recent times, there are inexplicable cases of "malfunction" of the SI, which gives rise to an increasing number of autoimmune diseases; When there is no logical explanation of the fact, it is stated that an ancestor could have a similar pathology and therefore the person with autoimmune disease became a healthy carrier.



Before discussing leukemia, considerations should be made to clarify the life of a Red Globule and a White Globulus (abbreviated for convenience, respectively, as GR and GB).
A GR has a biological life of 120 days while an GB has a limited duration of 6/7 hours.
Let's analyze why:
The GB has the task in the Immune System (SI) to destroy, after having duly checked, organisms not compatible with the human body to which it belongs.
To carry out his task, "phagocytes" and destroys the bacterium or the virus he "controlled" and considered alien. After phagocytosis, such as a virus, the same GB will not be able to fagocytrate a second: for this reason, it has a short life and dies shortly after its birth (6/7 hours), being replaced by a new GB.

Some types of GB have, on their outer surface, a series of molecular protein chains (HLAs) that are used to control specific viruses, bacteria or cells. For example, with a specific molecular chain of HLA, the GB controls the compatibility of the GR in the blood. Indeed, it is possible to say that GBs control GR not to verify its functional validity (the transport of the Oxygen molecule from the lungs to the cell and that of the Carbon Anhydride from the cell to the lungs), but to verify their compatibility with the organism. In fact, to make a blood transfusion, one needs to use one that is compatible with that of the recipient (it must have the same blood type). If CEM penetrated into the human body causes the protein molecule to break down by the GB (HLA), it will consider it "abnormal" at the time of the GR test, but the cause of all this lies in the molecular chain Interrupted by the "controlling" (GB). It happens that, in the face of an error due to an anomaly in itself, the GB, by controlling a GR, considers it incompatible with the organism and destroys it. When the immune system of an organism affected by environmental and ECM damage to the bone marrow in which GB is produced, it becomes aware of the anomalous GR increase that the GBs erroneously (because of the HLA damaged chains of the EMCs) are incompatible with The body, it increases the number of GBs in order to destroy the greater number of abnormal GRs. If the new GBs present the same defect due to the EMC or if they are subsequently damaged by it, the number of destroyed GR will increase in an exponential process, leading eventually to the death of the person. If GBs are produced from the bone marrow with the molecule chain for control of the already broken GR, Leukemia would assume the "fulminant" feature and it would be impossible to remedy it except bone marrow transplantation (which at present, sometimes happens ).


To try to solve the problem of Leukemia if it is determined that it is caused by the ECM's harmful action, it may be useful to put the sufferer in such a condition that it is no longer subject to it. For example, let him live for a prolonged 6/7 months on a sailboat. In this way the EMC present in the environment would be discharged into the water. This, combined with medical therapies, could normalize the situation in all cases where bone marrow transplantation is not necessary. Additionally, it may be of course useful to shield the bed, for the sick unable to get up.
The leukemia patient could benefit from shielding the bed to prevent the environmental damage from damaging the floor from the floor and leaving it over for a period of 5 months for at least 20-22 hours a day. Of course during the whole period, medical treatments must continue and the disease evolution must be kept under constant health control. It stays in the shielded bed, limits the damage done by the absorbed EMC from the floor but fails to avoid the damaging action of medium, high, high frequency electromagnetic signals present in the environment and penetrating the person's body via ether.
Between 1980 and 2003, an epidemiological study was conducted in Germany, known as KIKK (Epidemiologische Studie zu Kinderkrebs in der Umgebung von Kernkraftwerken), which focused on the incidence of tumors and leukemia in children under the age of 5 Near nuclear power stations. The findings of this study, still under scrutiny by the experts, highlighted that the risk of contracting the disease increases proportionally with proximity to nuclear power plants. Since, as we have said, radioactivity is nothing but a Magnetic Field, it is evident that exposure to Artificial Magnetic Fields can be considered as a source of origin, as well as autoimmune diseases, including leukemia.









In our body the elements of the Mendeleev periodical table are 31.

The element with the lowest atomic number is hydrogen, while the one with the largest number is iodine (53) present in minimum quantities (15/20 mg). These elements combine to form different types of compounds that make up the bones, the blood, the muscles, and so on. The human body is formed by the same elements that form the Earth, but in fewer and different proportions. Not all elements included in the n. 1 and 53 are present in the human body, thirty are not. Chemical compounds, which through breathing and digestion enter our body and which are not among those within the "natural endowment", are an element of disorder of the regular functioning of the cells. Each chemical that contains them is harmful to health and is also the one whose sum of nn.aa. Exceeds 53, as the produced magnetic field is high and therefore harmful to cellular components.
It can be noted that the element with lower atomic number is present in the human body in larger quantities while iodine, which is the largest atomic number element, is present only in traces.
This is because the higher the atomic number the higher the electromagnetic field of the atom of that element that being in the human body can damage it by breaking its molecular chains inside the cells.
Any element with an atomic number greater than 53 should be avoided, but all chemical products whose atomic number of additions is greater than 53 is to be avoided because their magnetic field is remarkable and if assimilated through the respiratory or food system They can damage the cells in their molecular chains.




The European Community is practically legalizing more than a hundred thousand chemicals, giving the producer the right to legitimize them through an epidemiological research carried out at the expense of the same producer, which certifies non-harm, with the consequence that he who should be Checked, check it yourself.
The importance of the atomic number in a chemical is demonstrated by considering that of water. The atomic number of a water molecule is 10; 2 is the n. Of the two hydrogen atoms, while 8 is that of the oxygen atom. The magnetic field of water is very low and therefore not harmful to the living; This explains the reason why, in fresh and salt water, primordial life has developed. All living things, animals and plants, that live on Earth, need to take up a good amount of water per day. It is therefore of fundamental importance that water is not contaminated with harmful chemicals .; Otherwise, these products enter the cells and, accumulating, they alter the proper functioning of the cell. Hence the absolute necessity of not spilling harmful chemicals into the soil, which could, by infiltrating, reach the aquifers. The subsequent disinfection is problematic because it requires the use of solvents or other chemicals that are still harmful.
An example is Mercury (p.8), which has a very low surface tension, so it easily evaporates and its vapors, when they are inhaled, damage the lungs, just as it does for lead. If, instead, its atoms become part of the food chain and are assimilated, the remarkable C.M., originated from its electrons, damage both human body cells and the regular functioning of the immune system. In the 50s of the last century, in Japan, a company dumped the mercury-containing residues at sea. Fish ingested mercury became part of the food chain, and all fishermen in the area, eating them, labeled a disabling illness that made their walking deformed and was called "Minamata's disease" by the name of the country where it developed . How can we not remember the 1985 Bophal tragedy, when the outbreak of a gaseous lead and mercury blend caused thousands of deaths and physical damage to survivors.
The damage to people continues because the territory is still impregnated with that chemical compound that has not been eliminated, so tumors and abortions are still occurring.

A speech must be made on artificial GMOs. The multinationals who produce them claim to repeat the "genetic mutations" that are produced randomly by Nature over time. This is not so, because Nature produces GMOs, by recombining randomly molecular chains from atoms already present within the natural product cell.
Artificial GMOs are produced by multinationals of the "seed", adding in most cases molecular chains formed by atoms of elements not present in the human body; If their high magnetic field is harmful to the bacterium or the small animal that damages the agricultural product, entering the food chain will eventually damage the molecular chains of the human body.







Cellular telephony was introduced in the 1980s, so the Earth 's atmosphere was increasingly affected by electromagnetic signals, whose number and operating frequency increased. In the following years, digital technology has been introduced, which has given a significant boost to the rise of radio and television channels. Satellite signals for any use have also begun to increase. We can say that there is no cm² of terrestrial or marine surface that is not affected by electromagnetic signals. This determines, according to the susceptible property of magnetic iron materials, an increase of some degree of the temperature of the planet.
This increase, gradual over the years, has resulted in a progressive dehydration of the soil that, if initially not aroused concern, over time has caused drought and burning, which in some parts of the planet occurred in 2012 with a decrease of 30-40% Of agricultural crops and a simultaneous alteration of the regular natural behavior of livestock farming, with a decline in production, both of milk and meat.


At the same time, the evaporation of salty areas and lakes has increased, affected by the increasing number of electromagnetic signals; This physical phenomenon has moved into the atmosphere, and when the cold wind from the north condenses the vapor, it rains violently to the ground, causing floods and landslides.
While this condition is of concern to many farmers and breeders, it favors those who speculate on how to digest food.
Another effect not to be underestimated is that produced by the penetration of artificial CEM in glaciers and mountain and polar beams, even at remarkable depths, in the case of those emitted by satellites to control their melting and thickness. It orientates to its frequency, towards the Magnetic North and then to the South, all the atoms affected and forming the molecules of icy water; In fact, these interact with the magnetic field of the electrical signal emitted by the satellite.
This forced movement, imposed by the Suscitive Property, causes friction, resulting in a subsequent rise in the temperature of the planet and the dissolution of the same snow and glaciers.
In addition to low to high frequency EMCs, issued by electric cabins and antennae of various types, there are also those emitted by satellites.

The number of artificial satellites in the space, in September 2015, exceeded 14,000, of which 78% no longer works.
Their purpose is varied: Science uses them both to control environmental problems and to solve technical problems; There are military, geological, meteorological satellites, telecommunications, archaeological, space, GSM, animal tracking etc., and their number rises almost daily. The signal, sent from satellite to planet, is of frequency or protocol different depending on its use, but is obviously an electromagnetic signal: although having an extremely low value, coming to us, strikes a wide area, depending on its coverage , With the consequences repeatedly emphasized.


When an electron stream runs through a conductor of an electric circuit, a magnetic field originates on the outer surface.
Electrons that rotate around the nucleus of an atom must also be considered, the atom being electrically neutral because positive protons coincide with the number of negative electrons.
Even though an atom is electrically neutral, it has its own magnetic field that is as high as the more numerous electrons rotating around the nucleus.
Each of the infinite atoms that make up the 114 elements that are part of the planet also have their own small magnetic field, which depends on the atomic number of each atom, the sum of all the magnetic fields of all infinite atoms originating from the magnetic field Of the planet.

At the end of the development era (5 years) there are 60 70 thousand billion nucleated cells, and thirty forty thousand billion non-nucleated cells (red blood cells), within the nucleus of each cell there are 4 different types Molecular chains, DNA, genes, enzymes, proteins, inside the cell but not in the nucleus there are mitochondria, they can be up to 50 and are the power stations of the cell.
Outside the cell there are the molecular chains of the immune system, the total amount of these molecular chains has not yet been determined, but it is remarkable that all the atoms forming the human body are oriented toward the magnetic north. The operation of the direction indicator of a compass, as all the atoms of the magnetic part of the pointer, are oriented toward the magnetic north, from the magnetic field of the planet, thus obtaining the direction of the needle of the compass, a group Of researchers argues that sometimes there are mistakes in cellular reproduction because sometimes there is no correspondence between biological and reproductive cells.

This thesis is discouraged by an unusual comparison between the life of the trees and its duration and the environmental conditions in which animals belonging to the animal kingdom live.
The trees are stationary producing their trunk where the seed that germinates them, in the US in a park in a forest of sequoia such trees have grown huge dimensions and their lives have been dated in more than 3000 years.
The oldest person on the planet lived in Italy and had spent 117 years in the year 2015, the habits of all living beings apart from some rare cases such as the patella moving simultaneously in all four magnetic directions south, east , Owest. Recalling that all the atoms that make up the body of all living beings, so also people, are oriented towards the magnetic north.
During the movements in the 4 cardinal directions, this orientation is maintained, only the human body rotates.
In this way the molecular chains are in anomalous and critical situations.
Some of them two or three dozen per second tend to break or are in the condition of having to break, so the affected cell decreases its biological function and the thing going on over time, if instead break the molecule chains of mitochondria it diminishes the Muscle cell contraction capacity.
And their ability to maintain a long-lasting effort, in fact, in a twenty-five-year-old muscle capacity and the ability to prolong physical exercise is greater than that of a 50-year-old, the patella is an animal (mollusc) that, for feeding, A rock in the seabed.

A diver having found one at the North Pole has delivered it to a researcher who has dated his life around 200 years, with the example of trees and patella moving little, physical life decreases much more slowly.
The damaging action of the natural magnetic field will continue forever until there are living beings.

The introduction of electric current and radio signals has further complicated the situation.
Both the electric current has 50/60 Hz and the average high frequency high frequency waves induce inductive phenomena in the iron rod plunged into the concrete to make it armed.
The induction formula is B = MU x H.
A person absorbs the magnetic field by stationing or walking on all surfaces, reinforced concrete floor, and all the surfaces where electrical cables lie beneath absorb part of the magnetic field, which penetrates the human body by behaving according to the susceptible property dictates.


In this way some of the atoms or all are positioned alternately from the first to the magnetic north, and then to the south.
All movable bodies assume a power indicated by Einstein equal to M xc per square, molecular chains are formed by atoms joined together according to the electrochemical value, if the energy occupied by atoms in their forced movement is greater than
Union strength that two or more adjacent atoms have in forming the molecular chain this last one interrupts.
The enzymes have the task of reconstructing how the broken molecule was originally, this is not always the case because the enzyme is also a molecular chain and if it is broken it can not perform the function properly.
Research claims that there are a few hundred types of cancers, but this coincides more or less with the anomalous reconstruction of the enzyme.

The research also indicates the case of diffuse metastases in some parts of the body. In this case, we must say that there are other molecular carcinomas occurring in other parts of the body and are re-constructed by the enzyme in a non-original way.
Women's Pregnant Women's Pregnancy could affect the future health of the infant as an adult woman has in her ovum a number of broken molecular chains higher than those of Young Women.
An interesting state of mind does not notice when it is in a saturated magnetic field because molecular chain breaks are not known because it has a very high number of cells, while the unborn baby has a very small number of cells, and the Molecular Chain Rupture can give way in its future to the possibility of diseases such as autism, dyslexia, tumors, and various genetic diseases both after childbirth or early life or at times unspecified.