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This site has been created by a group of people coordinated by Gian Pietro Mogno, who is himself is 100% invalid due to the illness Multiple Sclerosis., being followed by the S.L.A.

He is a patient at  Residence del Frate, Via Prale 6 in the province of Torino.

This site is based on scientific fact and not personal opinion and is divided in to three parts.

The first part talks about the influence of the environmental magnetic field on the Human body and on all other living entities, be they animal or vegetable.

This explains the motive for which, even when the magnetic fields conducted by electric current and artificial radio waves did not exist , they had already developed alterations due to the influence of terrestrial magnetic fields .

The second part will take into consideration artificial magnetic fields originating from electrical current and radio waves.

The third part describes the chemical contamination and the start of global warming with the relative consequences.



In the 1980s, cellular telephony was introduced, so the Earth 's atmosphere was increasingly affected by electromagnetic signals, the number and operating frequency of which have increased. In the following years, digital technology was introduced which gave a significant boost to the increase of radio and television channels and mobile telephony. Satellite signals for all uses have also begun to increase. We can say that there is no cm² of land or sea surface that is not affected by electromagnetic signals. This determines, according to the susceptible property of magnetic iron materials, an increase of a few degrees in the temperature of the Planet.

This increase, gradual over the years, has led to a progressive dehydration of the land which, if initially it did not arouse concern, over time caused drought and drying up, which in some parts of the planet materialized in 2012 with a decrease of 30-40%. crop yield and a simultaneous alteration of the regular natural behavior of livestock, resulting in a decrease in production, both of milk and meat.

At the same time, the evaporation of brackish and lake areas has increased, affected by the ever increasing number of electromagnetic signals; this physical phenomenon has moved into the atmosphere and, when the cold wind from the north condenses the steam, it falls violently to the ground, causing floods and landslides.These water bombs I more than the cultures cause damage exceeding 500 million dollars . In Asian areas where the economic damage is the same but has a much lower value. In the event of hurricanes or typhoons, the economic damage in developed countries can reach 3/4 billion dollars. While in Asian countries the damage is similar but the value it is more contained, this does not indicate the damage to physical persons, which can also be numerous.

While this condition worries farmers and ranchers a lot, it favors those who speculate on the hoarding of foodstuffs.

Another effect that should not be underestimated is that produced by the penetration of artificial CEM into glaciers and mountain and polar snowfields, even at considerable depths, in the case of those emitted by satellites to control their melting and thickness. It orients at its frequency, towards the magnetic North and then towards the South, all the atoms affected and which form the molecules of frozen water; in fact these interact with the magnetic field of the electric signal emitted by the satellite.

This forced movement, imposed by the Susceptive Property, causes a friction, originating a consequent increase in the temperature of the Planet and the melting of the same snowfields and glaciers.

In addition to very high frequency EMFs, emitted by electrical substations and antennas of various types, there are, therefore, also those emitted by satellites.

The number of artificial satellites present in space, in September 2015, exceeded the quota of 14,000, of which 78% no longer functional.

Their purpose is varied: science uses them both for the control of environmental problems and for the solution of technical problems; there are military, geological, meteorological, telecommunication, archaeological, space satellites, GSM satellites, to follow the movements of animals, etc., and their number increases almost daily. The signal, sent from the satellite to the planet, is of a different frequency or protocol depending on its use, but it is obviously an electromagnetic signal: despite having an extremely low value, reaching us, it affects a large area, depending on its coverage. , determining the consequences repeatedly reiterated.

My concerns about climatic variations were evident about ten years ago, now the problem has become greater as I have also taken into consideration radar signals, for example civil aviation, they use them a lot to facilitate the work of flight controllers , which in this way facilitate the take-off and landing of aircraft. Of course, the number of radars is very high and their damage is considerable.What is the damage of an electromagnetic signal emitted by an antenna for any purpose? is sent, all the atoms with which it interferes are subject to vibrations, from first to the north and then to the south, at the speed of the radio signal frequency.



Because EMFs are scientifically harmful.

This site, www.cemambientaliartificiali.com, was developed by a group of people, coordinated by Mogno Gian Pietro, who is 100% disabled as he is suffering from multiple sclerosis but with symptoms that are a prelude to ALS; it is currently hosted at the Residence del Frate, via Prale 6, 10010 Bairo, Turin, Italy.

In summary, the site covers the following topics:

Inside the cell nucleus there are four different types of molecular chains: DNA, genes, enzymes and proteins. Other molecular chains are those contained in the mitochondria, the energy centers of the cells, and in the immune system, where they form the HLA.

1. The casual breaking of these chains is progressive over time (see 4 chapter of the 1st part, highlighted in yellow) and generates both aging and different pathologies, which tend to worsen with age. Some diseases were already present in the past millennia, due to natural EMF, but, since the addition of artificial EMF, the problem has gotten worse.

2. Part 2 talks about the random breaking of the molecular chains, operated by the artificial magnetic field, and how this is absorbed by the human body. The topics covered are the following:

- alternating current, radio waves and magnetic induction

- reinforced concrete and its influence in the breaking of molecular chains

- power lines and signals emitted by telecommunications antennas

- increase in some diseases, including in pregnancy or newborns

- immune system and leukemia.

3. Knowing the chemical elements that make up our body, it is possible to determine, in a very short time and without lengthy and expensive epidemiological research, which elements or compounds, introduced with respiration and digestion and therefore assimilated, are harmful to health . It also explains why the introduction of artificial GMOs into agriculture is harmful, as these can contain molecular chains formed by elements not included among those that make up the human body.

4. The artificial EMF, also due to the electromagnetic waves emanating from the enormous number of satellites in orbit, also influences the earth's climate, with the rise in temperature, the desertification of enormous extensions of the earth's surface, the melting of glaciers and snowfields, all these effects not to be attributed only to the greenhouse effect, as is generally done.

Finally, we thank all those who kindly want to consult the aforementioned site and, sharing the ideas presented, will want to disseminate them, in Italian and / or English, among people interested in the topics covered.